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boredatheist's Journal

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I seek my soulmate.

And pussy.

Go to deathdrone.com. Fall in love with me.

1600, absurdity, academia, ai, airports, amoralism, amorality, anarchy, anime, apathy, aphex twin, apocalypse, artificial intelligence, asexuality, asian girls, asians, assholes, atheism, atheists, being mean, bjork, books, boredom, c++, cats, chomsky, chuck palahniuk, clones, cloning, cmu, coding, college, computer games, computer science, computers, control, cowboy bebop, cryptonomicon, cs, cybernoir, cyberpunk, cynicism, cynics, death, depression, diamond age, dreaming, dreams, elitism, evil, fantasies, fantasy, fiction, fight club, films, fucking, games, geeks, girls, haibane renmei, harvard, hedonism, hedonists, honesty, intelligence, iq, ivy league, jerks, kittens, lain, lain serial experiments, lesbians, life, literature, loneliness, losers, love, making out, manga, masochism, masturbation, mechanism, mit, moral ambiguity, movies, music, nanotechnology, narcissism, neal stephenson, nerds, nihilism, nihilists, noam chomsky, nuclear fallout, oil crash, order, orson scott card, peak oil, pessimism, pessimists, philosophy, physics, politics, post-apocalypse, post-apocalyptic, programming, psychology, punk, reading, rpgs, school, sci fi, sci-fi, science, science fiction, screaming, selfishness, serial experiments lain, sex, sexuality, singing, skateboarding, skepticism, skiing, smashing pumpkins, solipsism, solipsists, soulmate, stalkers, stanford, surrealism, survival, survivalism, surviving, surviving nuclear holocaust, talking, techno, thinking, touch, transmetropolitan, trigun, trust, truth, video game design, video game programming, video games, women, writing